A community of moms who consistently show up, take imperfect action, challenge the status quo and champion one another.


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Mommiing is hard. Especially in the 2020's.

It’s not a stretch to say we have all experienced trauma to varying degrees over the last few years.

There was no predicting the heroic lengths you would have to go to show up as a woman, mom, wife, leader, employee, sister, daughter, and citizen since early 2020.

And now?

You are understandably tired.

Downright exhausted.

If you push pause for just a moment and check in on how you really feel right now, you might notice:

  • You have lost your shine and you're not sure how to get it back.

  • You feel intense heaviness as the world continues to be so complicated.

  • You are craving hope, connection and momentum.

  • You want to carve out time that is just for you.

  • You want to lessen the constant chaos and stress that overwhelms your daily life.

  • You want to feel more fully present in everything you do.

  • You want a place where you feel like you truly belong.

  • You want to rediscover JOY.

FACT: Ignoring Your Needs Gets You Nowhere But Stuck

One thing we’ve all had to learn the hard way over the last few years is that ignoring your needs is a recipe for disaster. When you do that, you’re left feeling resentful, exhausted and completely burned out.

Right now, I see so many moms who are utterly STUCK.

Stuck in the chaos of motherhood, mediocre relationships, dissatisfying careers, and mental burnout while enduring one global trauma after another.

Stuck in life where:

  • You feel you have no control.

  • You’ve lost your passion for - well, most things.

  • You’ve put everything on hold to support others.

  • You feel like you’re constantly falling behind, if not completely failing.

  • You feel mediocre on a good day and completely fried on a hard day.

  • You lack a sense of purpose or belonging.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to get unstuck NOW.

If you’re ready to push reset and create a life where you feel a consistent sense of hope, power & connection,


I decided to join Sara’s community at the beginning of 2021 because of all of the free support I’d gotten from Sara and the SMA since 2018. I always signed up for the free challenges and I found myself actually wanting to participate in conversations and not just lurk.

Full transparency, it was the way Sara showed up every time she said she would during the hardest and scariest times of 2020. It was always with grace, empathy, righteous rage, and a welcoming spirit. I realized I needed to actually commit and join.

These are my people.

Annie F.

Let’s Talk... Mom to Mom

I want you to know that I see YOU. You are an amazing, ambitious woman and mom. I know you do your best to ROCK your life on every level. But, gosh... you can't seem to kick the chaos to the curb. Let me ask you a few questions, mom to mom:

  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and drained?

  • Do you feel like you never have enough time, energy, or patience?

  • Are you trying to juggle ALL THE THINGS?

  • Do you find yourself struggling to follow through on things, even when you want or need to?

  • ​Is the state of the world keeping you stuck in a negative mindset, filled with self doubt?

  • Do you compare yourself to other women who live seemingly perfect lives on Facebook and Instagram?

  • Are constantly settling in your work and your relationships?

  • Do you find yourself searching for your identity outside of being a mom?

You may have answered yes to one or many of these questions, and I’m willing to bet you’re ready to restore a sense of hope in your daily life.

You’re ready to take positive and powerful action towards your goals so you can live, bigger, bolder, and braver #everydamnday.


I am inviting you to become a member of the most powerful, impactful, life changing

online community for moms:

The Shameless Mom Academy

The Academy is a membership community for moms looking to improve your:

  • Mindset and self talk

  • Confidence and self trust

  • Sense of identity

  • Relationships (friendships, family, marriage, co-workers)

  • Leadership skills

  • Professional game

Inside The Academy, we focus not just also on the what, but also on the how:

  • How to treat your body

  • How you navigate self doubt

  • How you face your fears

  • How you overcome self limiting beliefs

  • How you do self care (or self nourishment, as we call it)

  • How you create joy #everydamnday


After running this community for the last 4 years, we have gotten a ton of feedback from members on what works, why they stay, and how they find their time with us to be so magical.

I have been a member of this community since July 2020. During this time, I have grown in so many unexpected ways. I joined originally with one idea where joining could lead me and have taken a very positive different direction. I have shifted my goals around my career and have an exciting new path now. I have learned to set better boundaries with family, friends, and professionally. I have started a new faith journey. I took the steps to explore what I wanted after many years of feeling lost. I have gained new friends inside and outside the group. Overall, I feel I am living a more authentic life. I would recommend this community to any mom who wants to find their voice and how to live more authentically.

Melissa F

Our Secret Sauce…

Cultivate - Amplify - Connect

We give you the tools you need to cultivate the courage and confidence that already exists inside you by helping you identify your strengths and your gifts.

We help you amplify your voice in your relationships, your work, and your community in ways that are authentic to you.

We create an inclusive and intentional space for you to connect with other moms in deep, brave, vulnerable, and FUN ways so you never have to feel alone on this journey.

Our Core Values…

Show Up - Take Imperfect Action - Celebrate wins

All we ask is that you show up. In that one simple but brave step you will be able to determine the next right step for you. Sometimes the next right step is a bold move, sometimes it’s a nap. Regardless of the next step, the clarity comes in showing up. Participate to whatever degree you can in this community, and you will reap the rewards.

We invite you to take imperfect action - frequently. It is in taking imperfect action that you fumble your way to your biggest lessons and biggest wins. We will be fumbling right alongside you. No mama fumbles alone here.

Celebrate! Every time we meet we will celebrate your wins. Your win might be something massive. It might be something miniscule. Regardless, your actions deserve recognition and all wins lead to growth. They are all worthy of celebration and so are you.

Motherhood On Your Terms

Let's be honest, motherhood can be soul-sucking, no matter what season you’re in. That's not to say there aren't moments of magic. But let’s get real, it's easy to lose your sense of identity when you're wrapped up in raising humans.

If I'm being honest, motherhood aged me about 10 years in the first two months of my son's life. Nobody warned me about how hard mothering is. I was gifted a screamer, whom I swear gave me hearing loss in at least one ear. I was a poor milk producer. I was a sleepless zombie. I was an anxious mess.

I lost myself - completely.

One afternoon when Vinnie was just a few months old, I found myself in the shower at 3pm eating a bowl of spinach and almonds with a drizzle of olive oil - bawling my eyes out.

Is this who I had become??

A woman who couldn’t get her act together to shower or eat until 3pm each day?

A woman whose meals consisted of a “salad” of spinach & almonds with a “dressing” of olive oil and tears?

This was the best I could do that day. And it felt awful. These are the days no one warns you about. Sometimes these kinds of days are frequent, maybe even the norm, in motherhood.

It took me years - like 3 years - to figure my shit out after becoming a mom. As I started to rebuild my sense of identity one tiny step at a time, I knew with every fiber of my being that we all needed to be talking about our crying-in-shower-while-eating-the-world’s-saddest-salad moments.

You are not alone.

It gets better, but not by magic.

It gets better by intentionally learning about how you are and who you want to become as you evolve in your various identities.

You are more than a mother.

More than a wife. More than a cleaning lady. More than a short-order cook. More than a backup teacher and Zoom troubleshooter while your child is in virtual school. More than a pretending-like-you-care Pokemon player. More than a shower negotiator. More than a “just one more” book reader and song singer.

My screaming baby is now 10(!) and I’m still learning #everydamnday. While it is still hard at times (omg - the sass is real with this one), I now know how to show up for my child without compromising myself.

But, this did not happen by itself. It took me implementing the tools I have used to coach women for the last 20 years to build a new life around mothering that is full and fun and life-giving. That's not to say it’s easy. I mean, it is still motherhood - in a very complicated world. But I have proven and trusted tools that WORK.

This is motherhood on my terms. And I want the same for you, which starts with giving you permission

I am giving you permission to:

  • Be more confident and courageous in your action taking.

  • Set scary (but exciting!) goals and actually go after them.

  • Build relationships that are thriving, not just surviving.

  • Quit things (and people!) that are no longer serving you.

  • Live your life with direction and purpose.

  • Create joy #EVERYDAMNDAY.

Get More of What You Want!

You're in the right place if you're looking to:

  • Become a consistent and confident decision maker and action taker.

  • Create a stronger sense of identity (you are so much more than a mom and wife!)

  • Amplify your voice in your work and your community.

  • ​ Learn more about your true self and what you really want out of life.

  • Solidify self trust and your ability to routinely tap into your intuition

  • ​Build better boundaries in your relationships

  • Adopt an abundance mindset around time, money, and energy

  • ​ Tune in and tweak tiny habits to turn your life way UP

  • Make authentic connections with new mama friends who want to get to know you and support you

Are you ready to build momentum in these areas of your life?

Mei R.


"When I first joined this community, I felt kind of lost. I was recovering from the "survival" mode that comes with becoming a new mother and looking for direction. It's only been two months, and my biggest takeaway so far is recognizing areas in my life where small action steps lead to big, positive outcomes. Sara has given us permission to take imperfect action, and that is where the power lies. Whereas in the past I would have felt paralyzed if I couldn't predict an outcome, now I am less afraid to just go for it. Before I joined, I didn't know how to make myself a priority. I didn't even think that was one of the main reasons why I felt so lost! This group has changed how I view myself and motherhood. I am forever grateful to Sara for building this community."

ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED. Get on the Wait List!

"Sara has helped me find my voice, find my fire, and open my mind to the possibilities that exist for every one of us. She has taught me that if all I do is show up, I’ve done enough. That my failures are some of my biggest assets and that my voice matters.

Since joining this community and putting the things I’ve learned into practice, I have given up things and relationships that no longer served me, quit jobs that didn’t respect me, changed careers, LITERALLY doubled my income, and learned to shine when I normally would shrink. "

-Whitney B.

What to Expect Inside The Academy

When you become a member of The Academy, you can expect the following:

  • Ongoing coaching with actionable steps to help you immediately start upleveling different areas of your life

  • A judgment-free zone where you can show up to share openly and honestly

  • Connection and support from other moms who want to get to know you and cheer for you as you work toward all your goals

  • Inspiration and motivation to take action and get what you really want out of life

  • Deep dives into courageous conversations that will help you reset your mindset around your self limiting beliefs

  • Plenty of camaraderie with moms who don't take themselves too seriously

Coaching with Sara

One of the best parts of being a member is our twice-monthly Group Coaching. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 4pm PT/7pm ET via Zoom.

(All calls will be recorded if you cannot attend live.)

You will also receive coaching during our Quarterly Virtual Mini Retreats.

During our calls and retreats, you will learn new tools to help you cultivate, amplify and connect in different areas of your life. You will also set goals, map out action steps and, of course, connect with other awesome moms. We also spend some of our time together digging into struggles and obstacles, so you always leave our sessions feeling less alone and more supported.

Each month our coaching will be centered around a theme. Here are some of our upcoming themes for 2023:

  • Make Space for Your Future

  • Retrain Your Brain

  • Shine & Be Seen

  • Amplify Your Voice, Your Work, Your Life

  • Soul Nourishment

  • Lean into Leadership

  • Solidify Self Trust & Tap into Your Intuition

Academy Program Overview

Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Two monthly coaching sessions centered around our monthly theme that will light you UP. These calls include coaching, breakout sessions to connect with other members, sharing wins, and more! These calls happen on Mondays at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

Monthly Virtual Happy Hours

Our Happy Hour calls will be focused on fun, connection and community building with your fellow Academy sisters. These virtual celebrations happen on Mondays at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

Quarterly Virtual Mini Retreats

Once per quarter, we will have a 3-hour mini retreat. This retreat time will include a deep dive into coaching around a specific theme, as well as a designated time for goal setting and action planning for the upcoming 90 days. Our next mini-retreats will be held April and July.

Private Podcast Feed

This is where we house all call recordings and our past content library. You can tune into tons of (amaze) content and snoop past content GOLD from this member’s only podcast feed anytime! You will also get a monthly Private Podcast Pep Talk in this feed.

Book Club

Twice a year, we dig into a FAB new read that I choose specifically for its power to improve your thoughts and habits.

Access to our Private Members Only Facebook Group

Connect with other members to share struggles and stories and celebrate wins and triumphs. This is a highly engaged and highly supportive private group.

Meet Your Coaches

About Sara Dean:

Founder & Head Coach

Hey! I'm Sara Dean :). I'm a Transformation and Accountability Coach. I am the creator and host of the notable Shameless Mom Academy Podcast which has been downloaded in over 140 countries over 5 MILLION times.

I have spent the last 20(!!) years supporting women through transition and transformation in my careers in psychology, sociology, health, fitness, and wellness.

My biggest passion is helping Shameless Moms own their space. I motivate and inspire moms to stop shrinking and start growing in ways they never thought possible #everydamnday.

My biggest burning desire is to inspire you to create greatness in all areas of your life.

When I'm not working with my amazing Shameless Moms, I am busy trying to impress my 9 year old, Vinnie, by throwing and catching baseballs (in spite of my unresolved PE dodgeball trauma from grade school.)

Nikita Burks-Hale:
Assistant Coach

Nikita has been a community leader in various roles across higher education, dance and wellness since 2003. 

She joined The Shameless Mom Academy as an assistant coach in 2019.  Her greatest gifts include lovingly asking tough questions while holding all the space in the world for you to come up with your own answers; checking in on you right when you need it most; and making sure you feel supported and seen #everydamnday. 

When she is not supporting Shameless Moms, she and her wife, Jessica, are chasing their littles, Adonis and Remy, all over Atlanta, Georgia.

What if....

What if you could feel hopeful even though you’re living though the world feels really hard and heavy?

What if you could feel grounded even when things feel unstable and unpredictable?

What if you could find joy everyday, even when the world feels ugly and unfair?

What if you could take time just for you each day, even though it seems a million people need you?

What if you could build deep relationships with other moms, even though motherhood can feel incredibly isolating?

What if you could wake up feeling confident that you have enough time and control over your day, even though you have a To Do List a mile long?

That’s all entirely possible inside The Academy.

ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED. Get on the Wait List!

Ready to become a member of The Shameless Mom Academy?

When you join The Academy, you are joining us to build some serious power, momentum & MAGIC into your life.

This is a 6 month program because we know that growth takes time and is not linear. We want you to be able to dig in and ride out the ups & downs of life with us. This 6 month timeline allows you to settle in, make steady progress toward goals, create notable and lasting transformations, and build meaningful relationships with other communtiy members.

Your Membership Grants You:

  • Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls

  • Monthly Happy Hour

  • Monthly Private Podcast Pep Talks

  • Quarterly Virtual Mini Retreats

  • Book Club

  • Private Facebook Group

  • BONUS 1: Virtual Kick Off Party on January 30th - you will learn everything you need to know about your year in The Academy!

  • BONUS 2: Big 3 Workshop - you will set specific and aligned intentions and goals for your year in The Academy

  • BONUS 3: Access to our Academy Private Podcast back catalogue - you will get access to 100+ recorded group coaching sessions on topics from Assertive Authority to Time Management to Bravery to Retraining Thought Patterns and more

TOTAL VALUE: $247/month


One payment of $497



Hear From Our Community Members



Even if I haven't showered in days. Even if I haven't fit in a workout this week. Even if I doubt my abilities. Even if I'm not feeling my best. I am qualified. I'm qualified to teach my kids at home. I'm qualified to lead my work into exploring new things and expanding our values. I'm qualified to help lead fund development even though I've never done some of the requirements before. I'm qualified to speak up and stand up for what is right. I'm qualified to share my story with the world and help others learn to love themselves. I'm qualified to be a f*cking amazing mother (I repeat this to myself daily).

And ya know what mama? You're qualified too! You're qualified for that promotion. You're qualified for that dream. You're qualified for all the things your heart desires. I promise you!

Thank you to this community for teaching me and guiding me to understanding just how qualified I am. The last 20ish months have been so damn impactful and I'll be forever grateful for all you've taught me, all you've pushed me to do, and for always encouraging me to love and accept myself exactly as I am, quirks and all.



I joined this community after listening to Sara’s podcast for several months. While listening to the podcast, I felt that Sara was a friend in my head and I wondered how joining the group and interacting would be. The experience blew even my vague expectations away. I connected with Sara and Nikita and a huge group of women on Zoom, Facebook, and Marco Polo. I felt inspired to dream bigger than ever possible and given practical step by step guidance to move forward.

I am so grateful for believing enough in myself to become a member. If you are on the fence or wondering if this is the right fit, know that this is an inclusive, safe place for you to grow into YOUR best self.



Since joining this community, I have really begun to identify spaces in my life that need work, every damn day. Being consistent in these spaces has brought me a confidence that I thought would come from other people "noticing" me, but actually showed me that my confidence has shone through the successes when I take notice. Sara's leadership in our group has given me tools to check in with myself every day, to acknowledge my wins and challenges, to give myself affirmations and to acknowledge that Mama can take a time out when the day gets crazy, and that is not only okay, but encouraged!

One of my biggest struggles being a stay at home Mom is the comparison trap. In this community, you are able to grow and thrive through the support and encouragement of other Moms who know they have a voice, know they have the power, and sometimes just need someone to shine the flashlight their way, to help them find their path.



I joined this community because I wanted to find myself again. My biggest win since joining has been my positive outlook on my life and how I talk to myself and others. I use gratitude to think about hard or uncomfortable situations now instead of sitting in those dark places as a victim. I am learning to not make excuses or explain myself too much; I just get out there and do it. I love momentum mamas because it has given me a community I didn’t know I needed in my life. These ladies are so encouraging and watching them make their lives better inspires me to live my best life. I love these ladies and I am so grateful for this space and program that Sara has created.

I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a sense of direction in their life, to redefining themselves or finding themselves again, encouragement to do the scary things, to finding out what those scary things are that will make your life better, to anyone looking for acceptance, love, and encouragement. Basically, finding a space where you can talk to your best friends everyday and they always have something awesome to say!

When I mentioned the dollar amount to my husband, he asked what I was going to get for the money, and I told him everything that her website said. But what I would say now goes way beyond what Sara describes and is SO WORTH THE $!!! Best purchase I made last year.



I joined this community because I wanted to continue the great progress I was already getting in my business coaching from Sara but focus more on my personal life and tasks. I've not only begun to see progress in my self-confidence but also in how I manage my time. This group has allowed me to focus on what is a priority in my life and realize I don't have to feel guilty for wanting achievements for myself while being a wife and mother of two.

Other members helped me see that I am not alone in a lot of the thoughts and feelings associated with motherhood and how I feel I am supposed to be, compared to what I am able to be. I look forward to our meetings and what tasks I can tackle. I don't have guilt around tasks I may not have completed yet or have determined just don't fit into my schedule right now. This is such a great space to feel appreciated, understood and encouraged by other mamas just like me!



This community is full of grown ass women that want more in life and are willing to go after it. I’ve witnessed and been a part of so much growth as a result of the other members sharing difficult life circumstances with the group. Receiving weekly mindset coaching from Sara has fast tracked my personal growth endeavors (including launching my new podcast!) I highly recommend joining if you are ready to embark and embrace upon new growth in all areas of your life that will not only help you, but will also have a ripple effect for those around you.



It took me almost two years to join this community. Each time enrollment opened, I would fill out the form without actually hitting the submit button. Instead, I would let fear and self-doubt consume me - “this is too expensive, I’m not the sort of person that belongs in this group, I’m not good enough/successful enough/eloquent enough…

In January, with my fears still very much trying to drive my actions, I finally hit submit. Instantaneously, I was welcomed into camaraderie with a wonderful group of women without question! I realized that although we may have different goals or may be in different stages in our lives, deep down this group of moms shares many of the same core values. I have learned to shine, to be consistent and accountable, to take risks and to not let fear and doubt hold me back from my goals. I have been supported and have had the privilege to support other moms who have shared some of the most intimate details of their lives. Most importantly, I have learned that while being a mother is one of the most precious gifts in my life, I can still have my own personal goals and dreams, and that motherhood and my personal goals are not mutually exclusive



I love this community because of the constant support and motivation everyone involved provides one another. This group gets you feeling like you can do anything (because you can). Since joining, I’ve gained more momentum on my blog side-hustle, started exercising more regularly and with more intention, and negotiated myself a $12,000 per year raise at work. Needless to say, membership is worth every penny.



I joined this community because I was just lost and drifting through my life on autopilot. A little over a year ago I left a very toxic career environment and started to find my next step. Completely lost and trying all sorts of things, I stumbled across Sara’s podcast and became so hooked - crying in the car sometimes - just so overwhelmed by how open she was willing to be.

When she first mentioned this private group I had to join. I didn’t know why but I just had to make this happen. A few months in and I totally see why I had to be a part of this group. The dramatic tiny shifts show up so small at first and then you just start to get really honest with yourself and you just start showing up for yourself in ways I know I never had before in the past. It’s so amazing to have such a strong, positive and supportive place to come to. I am still a work in progress and finding my way, but thank God I have these amazing Mamas!!



I joined with a really specific goal of advancing to a senior level role in my company.

this community helped me work through the false notion that working harder and longer equals being better. I faced the hard reality that I wasn’t giving my best self to my family or to my work. I learned that working 60-70 hours a week wasn’t bringing me the outcomes I desired. So I took a huge and super scary leap and quit my job to start my own marketing agency. It was terrifying, and I had no idea what the outcome would be. In the first 6 months, I almost matched the salary I was making previously. In the first full year, I’m on track to exceed my previous salary. We sold our house and are in the process of building our dream home.

If you would have asked me 18 months ago where I thought I’d be today, I would have never dreamed of any of these things. I would recommend this community to anyone who needs a push to make big changes in their life and anyone who needs accountability to “do it scared”. You won’t be sorry.

Ready to become a member of The Shameless Mom Academy?

When you join The Academy, you are joining us to build some serious power, momentum & MAGIC into your life.

This is a 6 month program because we know that growth takes time and is not linear. We want you to be able to dig in and ride out th ups & downs of life with us. This 6 month timeline allows you to settle in, make steady progress toward goals, create notable and lasting transformations, and build meaningful relationships with other communtiy members.

Your Membership Grants You:

  • Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls

  • Monthly Happy Hour

  • Monthly Private Podcast Pep Talks

  • Quarterly Virtual Mini Retreats

  • Book Club

  • Private Facebook Group

  • BONUS 1: Virtual Kick Off Party on January 30th - you will learn everything you need to know about your year in The Academy!

  • BONUS 2: Big 3 Workshop - you will set specific and aligned intentions and goals for your year in The Academy

  • BONUS 3: Access to our Academy Private Podcast back catalogue - you will get access to 80+ recorded group coaching sessions on topics from Assertive Authority to Time Management to Bravery to Retraining Thought Patterns and more

TOTAL VALUE: $247/month


One payment of $497



A Note On Inclusion

The Shameless Mom Academy is an inclusive community. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that LGBTQ+ rights are human rights and that gender exists on a spectrum. We acknowledge and appreciate the large spectrum of abilities humans carry in terms of physical and mental abilities. We are constantly working to build a more inclusive and accessible community. In support of our core values, a portion of our monthly revenue goes to the following organizations:

The Loveland Foundation – to support Black girls and women having access to therapy

The ACLU – to support civil rights and human rights for all

The Trevor Project – to support the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth

Planned Parenthood – to support women’s reproductive health and reproductive rights

Moms Demand Action & Everytown - to support common sense gun laws

The Shameless Mom Academy is a brave space where we protect one another and support one another regardless of ability, race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

We are here to help you be seen,

be heard and be held.

We cannot wait to have you join us.


Sara Dean

Founder & Head Coach

ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED. Get on the Wait List!

Need Help Enrolling Or Have Questions?

If you have any questions about The Academy, please contact us!

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