Summer Self Care Club
A Life Changing Course Designed to Help you Shamelessly Focus on YOU

"Sara brings together all the key lessons a personal life coach, business coach, fitness trainer, nutritionist, therapist, work colleague, mentor and friend into one brilliant program that would otherwise take forever to complete on your own, wrapped up into one great experience of mind-blowing personal growth."

- Julie R
Registration is CLOSED. Email [email protected] to get on the wait list for our next group!
Discover how to take more time just for you, how to build powerful habits that you truly Enjoy, and how to fuel your body and soul #everydamnday.
For the last year moms like you have been telling me how badly you want to take a minute to yourself to do - well - whatever the heck you want to do.  Maybe you want to exercise.  Maybe you want to keep a journal or actually read an entire book.  Maybe you want to start making a professional transition.  You just want some time for YOU to make decisions and take action.  

I hear you. 

You have told me how you have the best of intentions to take better care of yourself and do things that make you truly happy - but the kids get sick, the dog poops on the carpet, your boss needs extra work done and you are just TOAST at the end of the day. Even with the best of intentions, you struggle to take action on the things you TRULY want to do. 

Am I right?!

After hearing how many of you were struggling to take good care of yourself, I knew I had to do something.  I want you to live better.  I want you to live bigger.  I want you to SHAMELESSLY go after what you want.  You deserve that.  100%.
So, I’m inviting you to join me for a life enhancing, transformative experience - my SUMMER SELF CARE CLUB.  
The Summer self care club
This 4 week program runs from July 17th - August 14th. During these 4 weeks you will work with me and a group of like minded mamas to overcome the current obstacles facing all of us.  You will learn:
  • How to incorporate simple daily habits that give you energy and motivation
  • How to feel more powerful and more capable
  • How to take guilt free time for yourself #everydamnday
  • How to improve your self image
  • How to take control of areas of your life that feel out of control
What To Expect In The
During this program, you will take specific action steps to incorporate self care into your life on a regular basis. You will choose your own specific goals - whether you're looking to improve your health, take a professional leap, or just learn to love yourself a little more. Each week you will set small goals and work on them with the accountability and support of this group of mamas.
Enjoy more frequent  
self care
Improve your attitude and mental space
Implement simple sustainable habits
Create more time to do things that truly light you up
Take baby steps that create BIG change and progress
Increase your energy, passion, motivation and drive
Coaching Calls with Sara
We will meet virtually every Monday at 4pm PDT via Zoom video conference call. During these calls, I will teach a Masterclass. We will also share wins and goals for the week. These calls are a really powerful way to learn together and support each other. YOU WILL LEARN:
  • How to schedule time for YOU every single day (without feeling overwhelmed) 
  • How to start a morning routine that will ROCK your whole day
  • How to use tiny habits to build momentum toward your goals
  • How to use fitness and food to fuel your day
  • How to turn down your overwhelm and add more time to your day
4 Monday Masterclasses 
(except the week of 8/7 – we will meet on Tuesday 8/8 at 4pm PDT)
A Grand Finale Virtual Party (Monday, August 14th 4pm PDT)
Access to our private Summer Self Care Club Facebook group 
Where MUCH of the magic happens!
Unlimited email access to Sara 
You can lean on me as much as you need to over this 4 weeks!
Community support, motivation, and accountability
Bonuses and Surprises! 
(If I told you they wouldn't be surprises anymore...) 
About Sara Dean
Hey!  I'm Sara Dean :). I'm a Transformation and Accountability Coach.  I am the creator and host of the highly ranked Shameless Mom Academy Podcast and owner of the award winning Sync Fitness Boot Camp and Transformation Center in Seattle. I have spent the last 14 years supporting women through transition and transformation.  My biggest passion is helping women own their space. I motivate and inspire women to stop shrinking and start growing in ways they never thought possible. I am on a mission to inspire moms to create greatness in all areas of their life.  When I'm not working with my amazing Shameless Moms and Sync Fitness clients, I am chasing Vinnie, my 4 year old, on his new pedal bike (and trying not to spill my wine). 
registration is Closed
Registration for the Summer Self Care Club is closed.  We have another group forming in the near future.  Please email me at [email protected] to get on the Wait List!
Registration is CLOSED. Email [email protected] to get on the wait list for our next group!
What Other Shameless Moms Say About Sara's Programs
“Sara's program has challenged me and inspired me. It has gotten me, for the first time, set yearly goals, to set small intermediate steps, and take actions in accomplishing those small steps, which gets me to those big goals. The group has provided incredible support and encouragement for the hard days and tough decisions in a totally non-judgmental and open way. That support and encouragement is invaluable and certainly has improved my life in that I know I have a place/people to go to who will listen, inspire, encourage and motivate me. It is also pretty amazing to have this group to celebrate your victories and successes...I knew signing up for this program would be a great experience, but it has been so much more than I could have expected. I am so honored to be a part of this group.”
- Meredith D.
I would recommend this program to other moms because if I have learned one thing, it is that connection is everything. I looked forward to our calls each week because I knew I would see familiar faces, even though I had never actually met any of these women in person, I felt deeply connected to them and the goals they shared with the group. It was like you had your own personal cheering squad. Every mom was rooting for your success, offering advice and words of support, and genuinely invested in the group as a whole. The group celebrated and encouraged self-care, something so many Moms put at the bottom of the priority list. Sara offers practical action steps that can be applied immediately to make lasting change in habits, mindset and long-term goal setting. This goup is a MUST for any Mom who is looking for support whether that be personally or professionally
- Maria A.
I've actually ALREADY recommended this program to another mom-friend! I think it's just so easy to run in circles in your head of every angle, possible mistakes, strategies, and basically fall into "Analysis Paralysis" when you're doing it all on your own. This really helped get me unstuck. Having this community helped me feel that I'm not alone in my paralysis of fears, doubts, and worries. But it doesn't even end there... because the most important part beyond that is that these are all other mamas who have said "yes" to facing their fears and taking action. To be surrounded by that and feed off each other's momentum and support each other's triumphs and struggles along the way is invaluable. INVALUABLE. Do this program. Sara has got a good thing started here!
- Jasmine P
I would recommend this program to any and ALL moms! It is an amazing experience to join a group of other mommas to learn about their challenges and gain the insightful wisdom of Sara and the other mommas. I signed up specifically to make a decision on my next career move and finished the program with so many helpful tools to add to my mommy tool box.
- Sharon B
I would recommend this program to other women trying to take their life to the next level through action and efficiency. I didn't know how to "get out of my head" long enough to accomplish any of the task needed to propel me forward in my business. Through this program I learn how to "just do it" by making imperfect action and not allowing the imposter within me, to stop me from accomplishing my goals.
- Courtney G
Honestly, I came into this whole process with the mindset that I'm happy in my career, I love my family and I've got this all under control - the stress of juggling "work-life balance" is just normal right? I was dead wrong! This group was the wake-up call my brain needed to realize my full potential and give me the confidence to take on any life challenge. Sara has brought together all the key lessons a personal life coach, business coach, fitness trainer, nutritionist, therapist, work colleague, mentor and friend into one brilliant program that would otherwise take forever to complete on your own, wrapped up into 6 weeks of mind-blowing personal growth. I didn't expect to have such clarity in areas where I thought I was strong, but as it turns out, I could really use some help. She helped align my vision for what I want for myself, my family and my career. 
- Julie R
As a busy mom, one thing I loved was the bite-sized nuggets of information that were easy to digest and act upon each week. Sara did a great job of delivering the information in such a way that it was helpful to make small changes and incorporate new routines and ideas to make my days more productive. 
- Barb A
I am very pleased that I participated in Sara’s Mastermind group. I feel like I've been able to climb a tall ladder and I have a larger view of my life and bring in a lot of resources that I hadn't been aware of. This helped me build and strengthen skills within myself. Even dealing with every day life, such as raising a challenging child, juggling home schooling and work, family stressors, etc., this perspective has helped me bring in tools to really drive my goals forward. Thanks Sara! 
- Lynn A
Need Help Ordering Or Have Questions?
If you have any questions about the Summer Self Care Club, please contact me!
Registration is CLOSED
Registration for this program has closed. Email [email protected] to get on the wait list for our next group!
I cannot wait to work with YOU!
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